Our Eggs

Our market has grown over the years from our very small beginnings to become a local commercial operation, We offer a variety of different eggs as well as seasonal fruit and veggies.

Types of Eggs We Offer

We supply a whole range of eggs to our customers. You won't find any eggs this tasty any where else.  We sell in half dozens, dozens, 18 cartons (18 eggs), flats (30 eggs), Half Case (180 eggs or six flats). Below are the different types of eggs we offer.

  • White Eggs
  • Free Range Mixed Brown & White Eggs
  • Pasture Raised Organic Eggs

White Eggs

There is nothing like a fresh great tasting White Egg. Our White Leg Horn chickens are fed a Vegetarian feed and all our eggs that we sell to our customers are less than a week old. Below are the different sizes we offer our customers. 

  • Jumbo
  • Extra Large
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Rough Shell
  • Stained
  • Checks

Free Range Veggie Fed Brown Eggs

If you like our white eggs, try our even better tasting free range brown eggs.  All our brown chickens are fed a vegetarian feed as well.  All the chickens have indoor and ourdoor access all the time.  Here are the sizes we sell at the ranch. 

  • Jumbo
  • Extra Large
  • Large
  • Medium


Cage Free vs Free Range

Is there a difference between Cage Free and Free Range?

The answer is YES!  Cage free means that the birds are not kept in cages but they either have no access to the outdoors. They are kept inside a large building .

Free Range means the chickens are allowed indoors and outdoors.  Our chickens are free range and as you can see in the pictures they are allowed to roam around and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air whenever they want to.

Nutritional Benefits to Free Range Eggs

Tests have shown that Free Range Eggs contain about half the cholesterol, up to twice as much vitamin E, two to six times more beta carotene and four times more omega-3 fatty acids than the supermarket eggs.

Pasture Raised Organic Eggs

Click on this link to get info on our Pasture Raised Organic Eggs